Optimising the information design of clinical repositories for local hospital networks


Principal investigator


A well-developed clinical data repository is significant in the hospital network. The clinical repository is a complicated real time database and the consolidation of data from a variety of clinical sources provides clinicians with a unified view of a single patient. With growing production of massive amounts of data from many disparate departments and specialties across the modern healthcare facility, there is increased demand for the clinical repository to provide easy data access, comprehensive information, well-structured information design along with strict data standards and policy.

In ACT, with the growing need to have a shared, patient-centric electronic health record and with sufficient clinical electronic information to begin with, ACT Health is contemplating the implementation of clinical repository solution in ACT region, so that it can be used in supporting higher quality and safer healthcare decision-making. The clinical repository seeks to utilize the ACT Health Data Warehouse as its data repository and metadata management environment. 

This project aims to identify the optimum design and configuration of data and data flow in a clinical repository located in a local hospital network. A chosen set of small-scale projects within ACT Health will be deployed in order to accomplish the PhD project. Currently, the following three projects were chosen. 

1.     Chronic Disease Management Register (CDMR) Data Handling and Information Flow

2.     The Development and Use of Electronic Clinical Information Forms for the Chronic Care Program (CCP)

3.     Obesity Service Redesign in a Local Clinical Repository


Field work with the ICT Branch of the ACT Health Directorate (Marcus Dawe, Renee Schofield) and
the NICTA Living Laboratory (Leif Hanlen). Project supervised by Dr Paul Dugdale from ANU Centre
for Health Stewardship.

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