Past events

9.30–11.30am 25 November 2016
PhD Exit Seminar – Nami Matsumoto and Catherine Clutton will present their research at this public seminar. Topics: Nami Matsumoto:  “Who is it for? An...
11am–12.30pm 14 October 2016
Topic:  One size fits few – moving from cultural incompetence to competence in health policy development Summary:  Both Australia and Canada are multicultural...
11am–12.30pm 16 September 2016
Topic: Turning theory and empirical research into reflective practice Summary:  For this presentation, Catherine will focus on her PhD research methodology to show...
1–4.30pm 3 December 2015
Hosted jointly by the Centre for Health Stewardship, ANU, and the ACT Health Chronic Disease Management Unit, ACT Health Directorate.  The aim of the day is to bring...
11am–12.30pm 19 November 2015
Today's Topic - The role of health services in the prevention of overweight and obesity - Gestational Diabetes through a Systems Science Lens
11am–12.30pm 5 November 2015
Today's Topic: Toward an Effective Pre-hospital Trauma Care for Traffic Injury in Vietnam
11am–12.30pm 15 October 2015
Today's Topic: Increased Use of IT in Health Information Systems in The Philippines and the Effect on Access, Timeliness and Quality of Health Data
11am–12.30pm 1 October 2015
Patient experiences of Japanese-English medical encounters
11am–12.30pm 17 September 2015
Today's Topic: Food Safety In Australia: Is It Just Common Sense? Today's Topic: An Introduction to Actor Network Theory: Concept, Uses and Practice
11am–12.30pm 3 September 2015
Topic: Review of the first 100 patients seen at the ACT obesity Management Service Summary:  The Obesity Management Service (OMS) first started seeing patients in...
11am–12.30pm 20 August 2015
Today's Topic: Training for medicine in a developing country
11am–12.30pm 3 August 2015
To be advised
11am–12.30pm 4 June 2015
Topic: First do no harm - the challenge for medicine and medical education Summary:  People go into hospital expecting to be healed or at least to come out without any...
11am–12.30pm 21 May 2015
Topic: Incidence and risk factors for hospitalisation with gastroenteritis in a cohort of older Australians. Infectious gastroenteritis is an important cause of morbidity in...
11am–12.30pm 7 May 2015
Topic: Training for Family Medicine / General Practice in Pakistan
11am–12.30pm 16 April 2015
Topic: The impact of Shared Medical Appointments for people with long-standing conditions
11am–12.30pm 2 April 2015
Today's Topic:  Andrew will speak about his recent work in Iraq towards the development of a public health system.  Further details will be posted soon.
11.20am–12.30pm 19 March 2015
Today's Topic: Clinical leadership and the changing governance of public hospitals: Implications for patient experience. Abstract: A growing evidence base suggests that...
4–5pm 17 May 2011
Two topics will be presented. Topic 1: The patient-as-professional: involving patients in their care Ms Rebecca Taylor is a Postdoctoral Fellow in the ANU Centre for Health...
4–5pm 12 April 2011
Two topics will be covered. Topic 1: Blood sugar control and kidney function in ACT Health patients with chronic disease Ms Amy Vassallo is a Research and Project Officer in the...

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